Why it's better to avoid toxic relationship?

Asked Feb 6, 2021 at 11:44 am

Active 1 year ago

By Rose Maria Taison

Now a days i feel very sad, i don't know to overcome that. so that i asking this question How do I become mentally strong?

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Ankita Rekhi

Answered on Jun 16, 2021

As the name "Toxic relationship" suggest, it's a relation which is toxic and harmful both physically and emotionally for one of the partners or both of them. It not only includes physical abuse or torture but also emotional and mental abuse. A toxic relationship drains out all your energy and positivity and you feel lack of self esteem and self confidence. You are said that you are not good enough or it's always your fault or mistake and always you have to feel guilty and sorry. There is a lot of mistrust, disrespect, lack of support and controlling behaviour in such relationship.

Every relationship has ups and downs and fights. It requires empathy and compassion towards each other to sort the disagreements and patch up. But in toxic ones, there is a competitive behaviour where one tries to dominate other and there's always negative and unpleasant vibes. It's always better to avoid a toxic relationship for the sake of your health and mental peace. For the sake of your own individuality and self respect, one must walk out of such relationship. Abusing in a relationship could be intentionally or unintentionally or sometimes on some situation out of anger which doesn't always means that other person is toxic. But where there is constant abuse, fights, jealousy, mistrust and physical violence then such relationship are irreparable and it's better to end it before it's too late.

People don't understand the signs of such relationship and end up being extremely mentally disturbed and depressed by giving chances and ignoring other person's wrong behaviour. Always remember that your self esteem and self respect should be always on your priority no matter what the circumstances are. If your partner loves you deeply then he will respect you truly.

Nibedita Choudhury

Answered on Jun 14, 2021

If you are in a toxic relationship then you will not be able to enjoy the happiness. You will lose your sleep, peace. You will be unable to take care of yourself. Everything seems to be irritating.

Alisha Akhtar

Answered on May 19, 2021

yes I suggest pls avoid toxic relations marriage whatever you call because we are humans we need mental peace and care in a relationship but if someone is not serving you leave it .


Answered on May 18, 2021

It is better to avoid toxic Relationship because toxic is nothing but one type of poisonous and worse Relationship of our life it is better to avoid such type of relationship because these toxic means harmful in our relationship which is bad and really poison that means they are cheating every time and harm us buy there bad negative and rude behaviour always buy keeping negative perceptions and thoughts about us.


Answered on May 13, 2021

The word "toxic relationship" itself trigger anger and fury among the young and older generation couples throughout the world. Sadly in India, most of the older generation arranged marriage couples can be termed as toxic relationship because the male chauvinism is prevalent to this day and period. There are really some good examples of couples are in India but so as toxic relationship. Victim of the toxic relationship can either be a man or woman. During the relationship with your partner, they either abuse you physically or mentally or both. The offender in the relationship will always try to control their partner directly or by manipulation. Physical abuse and threatening is also one of the commonly seen attitude by the offender in toxic relationship and it is better to avoid the toxic relationship for the healthy growth of our mind and body. When you find the symptoms of toxic relationship, then it is better to break up the relationship with their partner. If the person, does not want to break their relationship off or threatens, then victim have the full rights to call the cop on the offender with evidence.

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